Naruto 654 Page 1 – Duty of a Hokage

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naruto manga 654

Naruto immediately replied by saying he does not want to take any shortcuts, that is not what a Kage must do, just like he said to Konohamaru to the first chapters.
But this time Naruto adds than in any case that is not even sure that the longest road will be really dangerous, then He affirms that “someone has to grow a pair and walk down that path… to decide that for themself”.
If then the road will be really dangerous, the Hokage must destroy all the obstacle that are on the road and after that He must guide the others, this infact is the duty of an Hokage.

Finally Naruto reminds him of the time when Obito was able control the Juubi, that even if he said that he wants to be none and who has abandoned his past, but in reality He was able to subdue the will of the Juubi just because He did not wanted to leave the memories of Rin and of the others, because he has clung to these memories.
Naruto eventually also states that Obito is only running away from reality, but now He must stop doing it, He should join him and his friends, as Uchiha Obito of the leaf.

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